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The Scam- Sic World CD ~REISSUE!

The Scam- Sic World CD ~REISSUE!

$ 12.49
The Scam- Sic World CD.  This disc compiles all 26 tracks from New England's The Scam who played a dark and gloomy brand of hardcore punk with menacing vocals and metallic mid-tempo guitars with a thrashy sound. Included here are all the songs slated for the debut "Sic World" album recorded in 1987 that was never released. On top of that this retrospective incluedes the songs from their 1985 demo, the songs from the long out of print "Everything Ends In Rot" 7” from 1986 and a compilation track from the "Revenge Of The Kamikaze" LP from 1988. A fine exhumation of New England’s Hardcore history.

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