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The Pneumonias- Still Lurkin 10" ~RIP OFFS! - Frantic City - Dead Beat Records

The Pneumonias- Still Lurkin 10" ~RIP OFFS!

$ 11.99

The Pneumonias- Still Lurkin 10".  10 Year anniversary 10” here by this Snot Rock four piece from La Rochelle, France. They dish out 10 new wild tracks that sound like a heavier Spider Babies, pushing brut and tough, snotty Garage Punk to the max. They also got a mid-Ninteies Rip Off vibe as well think Rip Offs, Infections and Loli And the Chones. This thing is mastered LOUD. I wish more records roared out the speakers like this one. This record will be lurking near my turntable for a long, long time. Good stuff. LIMTED TO 300 COPIES!

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