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The Parrots- Loving You Is Hard 7" ~KING KHAN! - Bachelor - Dead Beat Records

The Parrots- Loving You Is Hard 7" ~KING KHAN!

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The Parrots- Loving You Is Hard 7".  Is this some sort of Cramps swamp rock? A vampire themed Deadbolt? Nah, I'll bet these three guys from Madrid just like getting drunk and dressing up like maniacs for their single covers. The Parrots are a raw, stripped down garage band with a sound and attitude that's part Natural Child, part Nobunny and part Black Lips. A-Side's "Loving You is Hard" has that swinging garage sound with all kinds of magled, treble hiss. The reverb is huge on the snotty vocals and sounds like King Khan with a snarky wild attitude. The Parrots pay homage to their mentors and prying it apart with their own sticky, venemous magic.

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