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The Men- Think 7" ~LTD TO 300! - Karmic Swamp - Dead Beat Records

The Men- Think 7" ~LTD TO 300!

$ 6.49

The Men- Think 7".  When a boy becomes frustrated he either writes a gimpy love song or turns the distortion up past ten and screams his guts out. The primal response would be to do the latter, but there isn't enough of that mongoloid attitude in music these days. THE MEN certainly take this route and produce a noisy mess with "Think", a composition that trudges along, sounding as though it was recorded on a jam box inside of a shower, the audible result of a hot morning steam. I'd say THE MEN succeed at this single in a way like SEX/VID did with "Tania". "Think" flips over into an unexpected DEVO cover ("Gates of Steel") on the B side. A pop song given the total shit treatment and rips. 7” LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!


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