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Makeouts- Back To Sleep LP ~AUDACITY! - Bachelor - Dead Beat Records

Makeouts- Back To Sleep LP ~AUDACITY!

$ 12.49

Makeouts- Back To Sleep LP.  Another Scandinavian masterpiece! The snow and cold might drive people into suicidal depression, but, man, does it make for some amazing guitar music. Hailing from Stockholm Sweden, Makeouts play with an infectious sound similar to Jay Reatard and Audacity. “Let It All Go” embraces the ‘60s punk sludge a little better than most and there’s a sorta slacker chic appeal that oozes out of each and every song. ‘Back To Sleep’ offers sleazy garage riffs with a brash Punk ethos through a formidable repertoire of blissed out and fuzz up power-chords. Good stuff.

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