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The Jolts- Haute/Voltage LP ~KILLER!! - Sudden Death - Dead Beat Records

The Jolts- Haute/Voltage LP ~KILLER!!

$ 11.99

The Jolts- Haute/Voltage LP.  It would be easy to dismiss THE JOLTS as Vancouver’s answer to TURBONEGRO. But for rockers that have grown weary of TN's abundant filler and cutesy lyrics of late, THE JOLTS should provide a major kick in the ass. Energy abounds as vocalist Joey Blitzkrieg pontificates sermons of debauchery over this collection of twin-guitar, ass-shaking anthems. The smart execution of power chord mania in “DXM” and “Drop Dead Girl” could get a party started faster than a surprise keg dropped on the front lawn. Throughout the disc, riffs snake into harmonies and wah-wah leads zoom to the front of the mix, eventually falling away into pulsing, groovy basslines. The splendidly titled “Lament for the Death Rider” brags a decidedly HELLACOPTERS-like action rock vibe. If spunk and solid tunes were currency, these guys could buy Las Vegas. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!

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