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The Jeanies- S/T CS ~MILK ‘N COOKIES!

The Jeanies- S/T CS ~MILK ‘N COOKIES!

$ 8.99
The Jeanies- S/T CS.  From the initial rush of the first track "I Seen Her Dance" it was impossible to not feel the early rush of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, which isn't exactly anything commonly thought of as "easy" to pull off. And while the the musicianship is excellent overall, on The Jeanies debut full length, the vocals are truly some of the most remarkable vocal hooks in recent memory; especially the way they bring such warmth to the songs. Stringing along the spirited and impeccable nuances of Shoes, Dwight Twilley Band, 20/20, and Milk N' Cookies, it'll be hard to come up with another record released this year that’ll garner the description of "timeless". If you're pop-inclined and have already stated your infatuation with bands like The Cry!, First Base, COZY, Exploding Hearts, Barreracudas and the like, you are going to fall so hard for The Jeanies. The CS includes a download code.

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