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The Hateful / Ten-0-Sevens split 7" - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

The Hateful / Ten-0-Sevens split 7"

$ 5.99

The Hateful / Ten-0-Sevens split 7".  London Calling... Wake the fuck up!!!! Two London rippers back to back on this gem of a 7”.  These are the debut recordings from The Hateful – featuring members of The Parkinsons, 77, Chinese Lungs, The Blowouts, King Salami, The Seminals and The Gaggers. Two killer cuts of ’77 punk rock.  Flip it over and you got the two brand new cuts from the Ten-0-Sevens.  Yeah, these will blow yer prostate right outta yer ass.  If their debut 7” we put out made you stiff, this will make you even stiffer.  More heavy-Clash influence in these killer new cuts AND LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!

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