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The Gruesomes- Tyrants Of Teen Trash LP ~REISSUE!

The Gruesomes- Tyrants Of Teen Trash LP ~REISSUE!

$ 15.49
The Gruesomes- Tyrants Of Teen Trash LP.  Ressiue of one of the best and most iconic garage punk records from the last three decades! The Gruesomes- Tyrants of Teen Trash came out in 1986 on OG Records and has been out of print for years. This LP has been on so many garage freak record collectors ‘want lists’ around the globe for years. Originals are very hard to find these days, so here’s the oportunity to grab a copy of this gem. Half the songs are originals and the rest are amped up covers of 60’s Garage obscurities given The Gruesomes treatment. A great album for fans of garage punk, British R’n’B’ and straight up raw primitive rock ‘n roll. Each LP includes a GIANT pull out Gruesomes poster as well! Another quality release from Groovie Records from Portugal.

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