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The Empire Strikes- High Tide LP ~RARE GREEN WAX!

The Empire Strikes- High Tide LP ~RARE GREEN WAX!

$ 14.49
The Empire Strikes- High Tide LP.  Finland’s, The Empire Strikes, combine the past and present of rock ‘n roll into one righteous collection of anthemic soulful hard rockin’ tunes on their second full length. Opener "All Hope Is Gone" is simply a brilliant, roaring down the highway, ear shreaddin’ ripper that recalls the Hellactopers in their hey day. They back it up with 11 more action packed diesel fueled RNR swingers that sound like a beerfueled mix of the Backyard Babies, Hellacopters, Thin Lizzy, Sonic's Rendevous Band, Bad Company and Slade. The guitars reign supreme on this album as they mix tempos and speeds with a favorable amount of success and utilizing the twin guitar attack the way it should be done. ‘High Tide’ screams with 12 songs of pure rock ‘n roll strain beaming with chainsaw riffs and killer leads and sung with a helluva lotta soul! Another winner here from Bootleg Booze Records outta Sweden. THIS IS THE LIMITED VERSION OF THIS LP ON GREEN VINYL! ONLY 250 COPIES WERE PRESSED ON GREEN WAX!

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