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The Cure- Pillbox Tales LP - ARKAIN FILLOUX - Dead Beat Records

The Cure- Pillbox Tales LP

$ 15.99

The Cure- Pillbox Tales LP. This awesome Cure record was recorded back when they were called THE EASY CURE in the late 70’s prior to the recording of the Three Imaginary Boys LP. Punkier material similar to their Buzzcocks -ian 'It's Not You' from that first album (NOT included). A great collection of early material on Arkain Filloux records out of Belgium. Songs include I Want to be Old, I Just Need Myself, Meathook, See The Children, Winter, Listen, I'm Cold, Play With Me, and Faded Smiles. Way hard to find LP and a must have for any Cure fan.  LIMITED PRESSING OF 500 COPIES!!

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