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The Crazy Squeeze- S/T LP ~RARE RED SPLAT WAX! - Wanda - Dead Beat Records

The Crazy Squeeze- S/T LP ~RARE RED SPLAT WAX!

$ 12.49

The Crazy Squeeze- S/T LP.  Not hard to believe that the debut full length from pub-rockers The Crazy Squeeze definately delivers from a band containing members of The Stitches, The Teenage Frames and The Richmond Sluts.  With British Pubrock heroes like DR. FEELGOOD, EDDIE & THE HOTRODS, COUNT BISHOPS and the HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS, Glamrock greats like THE SWEET, SLADE and even less known personifications of those days like HECTOR, THE JOOK and the SOHO JETS; they all find their into the CRAZY SQUEEZE brewery where the ale is perfected with a dip of ROLLING STONES, THE WHO and SMALL FACES. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED! THESE ARE ON THE VERY LIMITED BLACK AND RED SPLATTER WAX LIMITED TO 150 COPIES!

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