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The Courtneys- S/T LP ~OUT OF PRINT!

The Courtneys- S/T LP ~OUT OF PRINT!

$ 29.99
The Courtneys- S/T LP.  Though inspired by classic Flying Nun and C86 era bands, The Courtneys sound is not tied to one single era. With a penchant for pop crafted melodies colliding with the trio’s shambolic musicianship, the results are a phenomenal slacker punk album for the ages. Through band’s unassuming namesake, the group is spearheaded by 3 empowering women. Courtney brings the fuzz with her rocked out guitar playing while drummer Jen (who’s also spent time in Mac DeMarco's former band Makeout Videotape) is both the backbone and front person of the group singing and bashing away. And Sydney’s driving bass lines hold everything together and provide traction for these eight impressive tracks on the band’s vinyl debut. Sonic Youth, Blake Babies and Pavement fans will be all over this. The Courtneys would have fit right in on New Zealand's legendary Flying Nun Records back in the day. THIS IS THE SUPER RARE OUT OF PRINT CANADIAN PRESSING OF THIS LP ON HOCKEY DAD WITH A BLACK AND WHITE INSERT LIMITED TO ONLY 200 COPIES!

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