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The Cloth- S/T 7” ~LTD TO 200 ON WHITE WAX! - Reptilian - Dead Beat Records - 1

The Cloth- S/T 7” ~LTD TO 200 ON WHITE WAX!

$ 6.49
The Cloth- S/T 7”.  We’re not sure what environmental contaminant is responsible for the recent uptick in ass whomping Philly noise rock bands, but we’re into it. On this debut four song EP The Cloth lay down a dirty, feedback drenched urgency not unlike Pg.99, Karp, or the terrifying sonic autism of Hammerhead. Mega distorted guitar chords collapse onto one another, and over that, vocals that sound as threatening as they are menacing. Jerky, angular rhythms slide into nasty Eyehategod grooved swamps. The pacing is relentless, and with this much sonic storm it’s hard not to draw favorable and mutual comparisons to bands like Karp, Unsane and the Jesus Lizard. Awesome debut. This is the super rare white vinyl version limited 200 copies in hand made black covers with silver letterpress art. Really nice packaging on this one.

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