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The Clash- On Broadway Outakes LP - Redrum - Dead Beat Records

The Clash- On Broadway Outakes LP

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The Clash- On Broadway Outakes LP. One of the harder to find Clash LP’s that includes outakes and rare tracks that span the bands career. Tracks 1 and 7 recorded during the '16 Tons Tour' rehearsals in London, January, 1980. Track 2 is a Sandinista! session outtake from 1980. Tracks 3 and 5 are rehearsal outtakes of those songs, that date from 26th April, 1977, during a film shoot. Track 4 is another alternate version of Know Your Rights, different to the one on Combat Out Rock and the official one. Track 6 is an instrumental outtake, the date of which is unknown, but probably late 1981. Track 8 is a slower alternate version of Garageland, part of the Rude Boy outtakes. Track 9 is the demo of the song which appeared as a single in late 1982 but with Joe on vocals here instead. Track 10 is an amusing track with The Clash 'singing along' to Village People's classic. On top of that there aer 4 unreleased tracks. A must for the Clash collector.

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