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The Clap- If Looks Could Kill CD ~VERY RARE! - Strain Records - Dead Beat Records

The Clap- If Looks Could Kill CD ~VERY RARE!

$ 12.49

The Clap- If Looks Could Kill CD.  For those not in the know The Clap are a vintage 70's punk band that formed in the Lehigh Valley of PA in 1978. Being inspired by the New York and British punk scenes that were just starting to form back than the Clap took their own unique landscape as a punk band from the midwest and incorporated that into their own sound. I've had the privelege of hearing these songs live for a few years, so the actual release of this CD was like visiting an old friend. This lineup is one of the most aggressive Clap lineups over the last 25 years. Their mix of originals and covers fits well. "1-2-3", "Henry the 8th", "Annette" and "Silver Bells" fit the Clap perfectly. The old tunes and more recently penned tunes all sound fresh, energetic and timeless. 15 songs total and there are no clunkers here. The Clap self released their first single in 1981 on their own label called Strain Records and continue to release the bands music to this day. The Clap can be heard on Killed By Death #22. With very little distribution over the years, The Clap’s records are pretty hard to find. This is the 3rd release on the bands own Strain Records. 500 copies were pressed.

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