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TERRIBLE TWOS - 'S/T' CD - Criminal IQ - Dead Beat Records


$ 11.00

TERRIBLE TWOS - 'S/T' CD.  Here it is, the spine-cracking debut by Detroit's TERRIBLE TWOS. With all of the jabbering on about their collision of the PIRANHA's' greatest moments, along with an acidic and breathtaking stab into the 21st century's limitless punk fusions, it's without a doubt, one of the Motor City's best full-length releases in a long time. Almost as if the power and slanted viciousness of their odd angles were as eruptive as an unpredictable volcano, the Terrible Twos really pulled it together into a tight foot-long of furious and erratic punk carnage that will be tough to follow. With songwriting that angrily stands on it's own without deriving any more than a nuance here and there, this album emerges as an agitated ball of organ-fried ferocity that always seems to be spinning out of control, yet brings it all back home with a consistency and audacious blasting that's exactly what the world needs right now. Add in dual-fired vocals from Craig and Chris raging from both sides, and it's got the momentum to creep right into your skull and dissolve into your corrupted core value system before you even have the chance to resist their writhing and scurrilous agenda of covertly taking over your impressionable mind.  The Terrible Twos are better than you, they're better than your entire life.

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