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The Terminals- Takin Care of Brooks 7" - Boom Chick - Dead Beat Records

The Terminals- Takin Care of Brooks 7"

$ 5.49

The Terminals- Takin Care of Brooks 7". This reminds me of Supercharger, barely more hi fi, meaning it doesn't quite sound like a boom box recording in a kitchen: fuzzy muffy, sweaty, dirty, white folks with soul. Before I actually heard the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, this is what I was hoping for: grissle bass, cigarette burns on the linoleum, grease splattering through the vocals, sizzle on the guitars, dirt in the drums. So immediate, I feel like I'm chokin on the exhaust of their tour van with a band catalytic converter as it idles outside. They'd fit in perfectly on a bill with the Oblivians and the Reatards. LIMITED TO 300 COPIES ON WHITE WAX. RECCOMENDED!!!

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