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V/A- '15 Tampoffs Fans Can't Be Wrong' 10" ~TURPENTINE BROTHERS! - Shoe Up - Dead Beat Records

V/A- '15 Tampoffs Fans Can't Be Wrong' 10" ~TURPENTINE BROTHERS!

$ 10.00
V/A- '15 Tampoffs Fans Can't Be Wrong' 10". You might know of the Tampoffs from their split with the DC Snipers on Daggerman. Well this release came out long before it. The Tampoffs have been slugging it out in the in the east coast/mid west club scene for years. Having opened for most notable touring bands, they have gone virtually unoticed/unmentioned outside of their local area. Well this is their debut…kinda! The Tampoffs play absolutely nothing on it. It’s called "15 Tampoffs Fans Can’t Be Wrong" and the Tampoffs got four of their favorite bands in town to play their songs and this is the result. A dang clever idea if you ask me! It’s a great tribute/debut featuring 4 awesome songs from the Konks, Spitzz, Turpentine Brothers, and Tommy And The Terrors.  There’s a mere 500 HAND NUMBERED COPIES floating around!

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