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Talbot Adams- Red Diamonds 7" ~EX ROYAL PENDLETONS! - Spacecase - Dead Beat Records

Talbot Adams- Red Diamonds 7" ~EX ROYAL PENDLETONS!

$ 5.49

Talbot Adams- Red Diamonds 7".  TALBOT ADAMS has slowly become a solo artist over the last few years. Prior to going solo, Talbot's played in a number of bands including THE ROYAL PENDLETONS, PREACHER’S KIDS, THE JENNY JEANS, DUTCH MASTERS, and THE BLACK AND WHITES and played on recordings for Goner, Norton, Shattered and Douchemaster Records. Adams has been lucky enough to play with members of The Oblivians, The Gories and The Neckbones and this new single fits right in with that musical lineage. “Not Even Europe" is a drawling little Stonesy number, with a streetwise-sounding guitar tone and nothing slo-mo about it. A strutter of sorts, with a slight wobbly echo sounding a bit Chilton-esque even, with superb lyrics once again. Fans of The Oblivians, Preachers Kids, Royal Pendletons and Black And Whites will dig.

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