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Sweet Baby- It’s A Girl LP ~REISSUE! - Eccentric Pop - Dead Beat Records

Sweet Baby- It’s A Girl LP ~REISSUE!

$ 12.99

Sweet Baby- It’s A Girl LP.  This is a one-time pressing on pink vinyl, limited to 500 copies! Formed in Berkeley, California in 1986, Sweet Baby (and their contemporaries Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, the Mr. T Experience, etc) played a seminal role in the earliest days of the Gilman Street punk scene. Many credit Sweet Baby with inventing an entirely new genre of music – one which melds the harmonic pop sensibilities of the Beatles and the Everly Brothers with the frenetic four-on-the-floor song structures of the Ramones and the Buzzcocks. It's a genre that came to be called “pop punk,” and it’s a genre that Sweet Baby defined and perfected years before anyone else. This LP has been out of print on vinyl for over twenty years and is very hard to find. Sweet Baby has attained a cult-like following over the years and has influenced virtually every pop-leaning punk band of the last two decades. Classic stuff here.


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