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Suttree- Dark Hollow 7" ON RARE RED WAX - Genderless - Dead Beat Records

Suttree- Dark Hollow 7" ON RARE RED WAX

$ 8.50

Suttree- Dark Hollow 7".  Here's some sun-faded, leathery, fairly sinister country from some folks from North Carolina who used to play with a fantastic loud rock trio called the Labiators. It's a large lineup here, with slide guitar, organ, and banjo filling out standard instrumentation. Greg Cartwright's production on the "7-track" (two four-tracks plugged into one another?) unfortunately loses some of the arrangements due to a crowded mix.  But Suttree really has a very unique and soulful sound, so luckily you’re drawn in by the very creative and carismatic songs.   They have a sound that's both lost and authentic to the times that spawned them, with "Dark Hollow" looking down the barrel of a mean country swagger and "Agave Blues" dragging along in sorrow, but punctuated by a beautiful framing, shot through by Paisley Underground leanings and a haunting, female-sung chorus.  Great debut that the Oblivs or Reigning Sound fan will certainly enjoy. Edition of 450 in screened, letterpressed sleeves.  THE COPY YOU WILL RECIEVE IS ON LIMITED RED WAX LIMITED TO ONLY 100 COPIES!!

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