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Sundowners - Gnome & Glacier LP ~ LTD TO 500! - Dirt Cult - Dead Beat Records

Sundowners - Gnome & Glacier LP ~ LTD TO 500!

$ 11.00

Sundowners - Gnome & Glacier LP.  Hard to pin down. SUNDOWNERS has a similar vibe to KILLER DREAMER. They aren't really as spastic or fast, but the weird sort of hectic guitar parts really remind me of that band. I like the lo-fi sound quality here, too. I appreciate when bands don't go all-out with fancy recordings. III know it's not always true, but it makes me feel like they care more about the experience than the actual material product.  SUNDOWNERS might be the first non-hardcore band from Minneapolis in a while that iillicits zero comparisons to that one really popular band that everyone seems to mention in these reviews. You know the one.   Just get this, it totally rips. LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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