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V/A- Sudden Death CD ~SIN 34 / REDD KROSS - Puke N Vomit - Dead Beat Records

V/A- Sudden Death CD ~SIN 34 / REDD KROSS

$ 11.49

V/A- Sudden Death CD.  Here it is the reissue of two classics on one CD. First up you get the 1982 'Sudden Death' compilation originally released on Smoke 7 Records.  This comp. includes 2-3 unreleased tracks each from JFA (back when they were called Jodie Fosters Army!), SIN 34, DEMENTED, MORAL DECAY, CRANKSHAFT, SADIST FACTION, THE SINS, REDD KROSS, YOUTH GONE MAD, NAUGHTY WOMEN, and DEAD YOUTH.  'Sudden Death' is a HC classic for documenting the flourishing up and coming So. Cal. HC/punk scene in the early 80's. Following that are the ten tracks from GENOCIDE, which originally appeared on the Last Rites split with M.I.A.  So all in all ya get thirty-nine tracks of ultra rare US hardcore!! 

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