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The Stupor Stars- Poison Arrows 7" - Pelado - Dead Beat Records

The Stupor Stars- Poison Arrows 7"

$ 6.49

The Stupor Stars- Poison Arrows 7".  Crunchy, satisfying, sweaty rock’n’roll. Sure, there are similarities with The Stallions, who Rick sung for also – like, they’re both excellent and they both seem to have the spark and charge that comes from excitement and not calculation. I can’t seem to put my finger on it. The rock machine’s been made for such a long time – having been perfected in different forms by the Dictators, the Gories, and the Mummies.  And the Stupor Stars hold their own lil place in rock n roll heaven for these 3 rockin stabs of gritty trash greatness.  RELEASED ON THE LONG DEFUNCT PELADO RECORDS AND WAY OUT OF PRINT!

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