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Stranded/Rejected- Split 7" - Kanava - Dead Beat Records

Stranded/Rejected- Split 7"

$ 5.00

Stranded/Rejected- Split 7".  Stranded plays melodic old-school punk-rock which can pretty easily blow your mind away. The group got together early in 2004. The band members are all well-known figures in the Finnish punk-rock scene. In the 90's lead singer I.Striker & bassist Sid Razor played together in L.A.M.F. which is widely recognised as the most vicious and obnoxious punk-rock band ever to come out from Finland. The other members of the band are no greenhorn's either, guitarist Wayne led his own band Nollaseiska to a decent success. Wayne even toured with the legendary TV Smith in Finland. Henkka played in Endstand who toured Europe a few times.  Backing them are Finnish mainstays the Rejected.  Musically there's some neat Social Distortion lead guitar bits in there with overall effect being Swedish oi kinda similar to Hard Sell or the Templars. Really good tunes overall from the Rejected.

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