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The Stitches- 8 x 12 LP - Vinyl Dog - Dead Beat Records

The Stitches- 8 x 12 LP

$ 10.99

The Stitches- 8 x 12 LP.  The first 16 seconds of this LP are everything you need to know about the Stitches. Mike Lohrman counts off, sounding oddly alone, the room echoing behind him. The song lurches: raw, ragged, as low and slow as a B-17 bomber. But before you can finish the thought, theyve jumped a beat ahead. The song revs up and then doubles over itself.  Its all those months of speed and strangling boredom; its a band fucked up on meth and booze as they were every session,  pushing everything out as fast and hard as they can because for all they know, its going to disappear again into a black hole of white noise, just like the last time they tried to record. There isnt a shred of calculation or restraint in this entire LP.  Its nothing but instinct soon to be a Stitches trademark.   This is without a doubt the best punk rock record of the 1990s.The STITCHES are the true kings of the underground and 8x12  is there masterpiece.  100% pure PUNK ROCK!!!!  Wake up people the STITCHES are the real Mckoy!!!!

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