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STITCHES- 'Automatic' 7" - TKO - Dead Beat Records

STITCHES- 'Automatic' 7"

$ 5.00

STITCHES- 'Automatic' 7".  “Automatic” is the A-side and it combines Johnny Thunders riffage and new wave melody as effortlessly as any of the band’s recent classics like “Cars of Today” and “Pick Me Up.” Seriously, geeks, you’ve gotta be channeling the Ramones or something to make two chords sound this good, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there were some black magic voodoo behind a track as perfect as “Automatic.” The song just seethes with attitude, its sneering swagger bleeding right off the edges of these seven magical inches. “Automatic” is the true ancestor of “Search and Destroy” and “Personality Crisis,” a bizarro version of American Bandstand where Dick Clark offers you pills and you’re not sure if the person moving their hand up your thigh is a boy or girl.   On the flip you get the uber wavey Electroshock Carol and a killer cover of the Child Mollestors ‘Hillside Strangler.’ 

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