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Steve Adamyk Band- Monterey 7"  ~KILLER! - Hosehead - Dead Beat Records

Steve Adamyk Band- Monterey 7" ~KILLER!

$ 6.49

Steve Adamyk Band- Monterey 7".  The Steve Adamyk Band are a bunch of obnoxious, rowdy kids from Ottawa, Ontario and contain ex members of the Sedatives. Of all of the bands working in the power-pop/punk vein right now, The Steve Adamyk Band are doing it the best and making all the right moves. I can’t think of many bands in this genre who are able to effectively evoke the past , yet are still moving forward. The four songs on this single are right up there with some of the best material that they’ve ever written. This shit rips and rips hard. 400 COPIES PRESSED ON BLACK WAX!!


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