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STATIC STATIC- Witchmouth 7" - NeatNeatNeat - Dead Beat Records

STATIC STATIC- Witchmouth 7"

$ 6.99

 STATIC STATIC- Witchmouth 7". Ok Static Static fans, this ones for you. Those not it the know, Static Static are one of the better current new wavey garage bands made up of ex members of the Drags and the Red Aunts. I don’t know the whole story with this single, but I do know that this record is way rare. From my understanding, something happened in the mastering stage of this single. And apparently the test pressings were approved with the label owner not noticing the difference. So the single was released according to the sounds on the original test pressings. Well apparently the minor difference didn't agree with the band and they told the label to destroy all the remaining copies that they had. So these are pretty rare and hard to find. The original pressing was for 400 COPIES ON BLACK VINYL before the label destroyed their remaining copies. The label sent out a few of them with a bonus CDr containing the proper mix of both of the songs. And this copy has the bonus CDr. See for yourself. 

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