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State Champion- Fantasy Error LP - Sophmore Lounge - Dead Beat Records

State Champion- Fantasy Error LP

$ 12.49
State Champion- Fantasy Error LP.  The one-time bedroom recording project masterminded by Kentucky native RYAN DAVIS has evolved over the course of fifteen years into a full-blown rock band that summons guidance from Rust Never Sleeps-era Neil, Dead Moon, The Silver Jews and beyond. The band’s live set is a charmingly broken blend of rock 'n roll, folk and sun-warped honky-tonk toons that have a desperate back woods kentucky/midwest feel to them. Their recorded output is few and far between, but when they get it, they usually get it right. So is the case with ‘Fantasy Error’. It was recorded in Paul Oldham's farmhouse studio in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Violins were tracked under the stars, vocals laid down in fields. It's a complex record with lyrics you've gotta unpack with dense stories that are kind of sad and surely true and you can almost picture these guys recording it in that old deliapidate farm house setting when ya hear this record.

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