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SPREAD EAGLES- 'Don't Talk To The Narc' 7" - Boom Chick - Dead Beat Records

Spread Eagles- Don't Talk To The Narc 7" ~BLACK TIME!

$ 5.49
Spread Eagles- Don't Talk To The Narc 7".  Second single here from the Spread Eagles from Lawrence, KS who belt out two heavily distorted, trashy, garage-infused gems recommended for fans of The Oblivians, Black Time, The Gories and The Black Lips. The tunes are pretty well written and the recording style has a nice ‘n raw lo-fi feel where the guitars rip through the top of the mix and drown the echoey distorted vocals that had me thinkin early Black Lips. And you can tell these guys don’t take themselves to seriously which is okay by me. The back cover reads “all songs not copyrighted” and has a hilarious insert featuring a list of real narcs entitled “Narc List.” This record is a rare gag record that works on all levels and comes on 3 different cover color varistons. Some with red covers, some with blue covers and some with green covers. Your copy will be one of these three colors.

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