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Splinter Cake/Foot Ox- Split 7” - Stankhouse - Dead Beat Records

Splinter Cake/Foot Ox- Split 7”

$ 5.00

Splinter Cake/Foot Ox- Split 7”.  On this fine new piece of wax, Splinter Cake and Foot Ox offer up three songs a-piece, and it is some of their catchiest and most memorable material to date. Splinter Cake offers three, full band, pop ballads in which he is aided by female vocals. These songs are catchy and very well crafted, showing off his knack for constantly experimenting new musical territories. Foot Ox also offers up two, full band anthems that are un-deniably cathcy in his own quirky style. The two songs are bridged together by a beautiful ballad composed of mostly cello and vocals, and the record is lead to an end by a slowly dying tape loop. This record is packed to the brim and is completely golden from start to finish. Limited pressing of 540 records (430 on black vinyl and 110 on yellow vinyl) that are housed in bright orange covers with artwork by Teague Cullen printed in red ink.

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