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SOUTH FILTHY- ‘Goin Down The Valley' 7" - Beast - Dead Beat Records

SOUTH FILTHY- ‘Goin Down The Valley' 7"

$ 6.50

SOUTH FILTHY- ‘Goin Down The Valley' 7".  I'm sure you know about these Memphis area Natives....South Filthy features Walter Daniels (Jack O'Fire, Big Foot Chester), Msr.Jeffrey Evans (Gibson Bros., '68 Comeback), Jack Yarber (Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers), Rice Moorehead (Big Foot Chester) and Mike Buck (Fabulous Thunderbirds, Doug Sahm). With big talent like that, you know they're dishin out the goods.

South Filthy will treat you to a country ballad, then slap you silly with a 50s rocker complete with backup “eeews” and “aaahs”, then bash in your door with a Chester Burnett blues stomp, with the dirtiest, nastiest trash harp that only Walter Daniels can truly pull off.  Great 2 song single here if you're a fan of the musical legacy of any of the band members.   WAY HARD TO FIND AND LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!  Consider yourself blessed in the muddy waters of the South Filthy River boys and girls...AMEN! 

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