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Sourpatch- Stagger & Fade LP ~TIGER TRAP! - HHBTM Records - Dead Beat Records

Sourpatch- Stagger & Fade LP ~TIGER TRAP!

$ 11.49

Sourpatch- Stagger & Fade LP.  The new SOURPATCH album fulfills every promise the band ever made. You may not hear a more excited album all year. It’s the sound of infatuation, it’s the sound of being young, it’s the sound of hoping against hope. It’s a rollercoaster of melodies and caffeinated rhythms. The San Jose four-piece is the realized utopian vision of their influences. Raised on Tiger Trap, Bikini Kill and Sleater Kinney, it isn’t about what they sound like, it’s what they do with it. And they do it really well. Cover art by Tae Won Yu of Kicking Giant. Even better than the first one!

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