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Sore Subjets- S/T 7" - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

Sore Subjets- S/T 7"

$ 6.49

Sore Subjets- S/T 7". Remember the classic Rip Off Records sound? Well... it’s back!!! Killer three-chord garage punk with female and male vocal trade off, Chicago’s Sore Subjects spew fast party rock ‘n’ roll and maybe some vomit and are named for the unpleasant attitude that is said to accompany them. If this debut 7” is any indication, the first full-length album from Sore Subjects is going to be an absolute killer... so put on your shades, don your leather jacket and chew out the rhythm on bubble gum for a fist pumping blast of raw power. 7” LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!

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