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Sopors- S/T 7” ~KILLER! - Margin Mouth - Dead Beat Records

Sopors- S/T 7” ~KILLER!

$ 5.49

Sopors- S/T 7”.  Debut single from this new band from the Bay Area. This band isn’t easily classifiable. Too weird to be garage rock, not hostile enough for punk. But luckily Sopors aren’t concerned with genres. They just make really twisted tunes that're meant for the shadows of your musical mindset. You can hear bits and pieces of bands like the Scientists, Wipers, Oblivians and a lil bit of the off kilterness of Gang of Four. A pretty unique debut and definately worth checkin out. Kinda head scratching cover art really works in their favor. Members have served time in Abi Yoyos and Parasites Go!, and currently play in Rat Columns and Violent Change. 7” IS LIMITED TO 300 COPIES WORLD WIDE!

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