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Sonic Chicken 4- S/T LP ~MOTO!

Sonic Chicken 4- S/T LP ~MOTO!

$ 13.99

Sonic Chicken 4- S/T LP.  Sophomore album from Frances the Sonic Chicken 4 after a stellar LP that came out on In The Red a few years back. The singer of Sonic Chicken 4 sounds kind of like a demented Lou Reed. I of course mean that in the best way possible. The music is an odd combination of garage rock and new wave. The songs are simple, but very catchy and the production is pretty raw and gritty, but the songs really shine through. The songs deftly straddles the line between dirgy psyche and bubbling pop. Sonic Chicken 4 sort of remind me of the French answer to MOTO in that they're approaching things from a charming and totally unique way and the results are pretty fantastic. Produced by King Khan!  Austrian import.

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