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Solger- Live at The Wrex 7" - Bag Of Hammers - Dead Beat Records

Solger- Live at The Wrex 7"

$ 7.50

Solger- Live at The Wrex 7".  I'm surprised that there wasn't more outrage over the cover to this record—ripping off the Misfits Bullet 45 like that is unconscionable. I think the guy on the cover was famous or something too.  In 1995 Bag of Hammers wanted to reissue the 7", but sometime in the ensuing years the master had been lost, so Jim Banner's Deux Ex tape was restored and used. When Empty Records was gonna do a reissue, Kyle borrowed the original Banner tape and had Jack Endino remaster it, and the results are astounding—just listen for yourself.  Here it is. Way hard to find and loooong out of print.

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