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SOCKEYE- 'Obscure, Rare, Limited and Unreleased' CD - Reality Impaired - Dead Beat Records

SOCKEYE- 'Obscure, Rare, Limited and Unreleased' CD

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SOCKEYE- 'Obscure, Rare, Limited and Unreleased' CD.  The definitive SOCKEYE collection right here, right now.  They’ve amassed a pretty cult like following since their unfateful demise in 1998, and this CD contains all of their finest moments.  I remember seeing every one of their singles in all the local Cleveland record shops and no one was buying them.  They’d sit in the record bins for years before they were marked down and would eventually trickle out of the shops.  You couldn’t pay some people to buy their records back than because there was a definate love em or hate em stance on the band.  One of the dumbest, most dumbed down bands in punk history.  Newer bands like the Spits, Live Fast Die, etc. got nothing on SOCKEYE when it comes to the most idiotic music ever created.  Songs like ‘I Used To Look Like Sean Penn, Than I Grew Up’,  ‘The Elderly Love Grilled Cheese’, ‘You Plus Us Is Us’ and ‘All My Freinds Have Feet’ should give you an idea of where these guys are coming from.  SOCKEYE existed from 1987 - 1998, with an ill fated one off reunion show in 2002.  This CD compiles all the material that was recorded betwen ‘87 - ‘98.  None of it was remixed or remastered and it still sounds crap**tacular after all these years.  48 songs of No Fi brilliance with liner notes by Poopy Necronde and lyrics to 26 of your favorite SOCKEYE songs.  Retardedly packaged with a CD slipped inside a 7" sleeve.  It's SOCKEYE, I mean come on.  What would you expect??

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