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SLOA KNIVAR – Hemmakvälls Massaker 7" - Ken Rock - Dead Beat Records

SLOA KNIVAR – Hemmakvälls Massaker 7"

$ 6.49

SLÖA KNIVAR – Hemmakvälls Massaker 7". In the past year or so they've already released a 7" and an LP, but here comes another EP from this great new Swedish band... they continue to be kind of impossible to describe... the closest comparison I can think of would be Ass Cobra-era Turbonegro. There's a similar combination of rock and dark, twisted hardcore at work here, but the helium-infused vocals are something else entirely. Another fucking GREAT EP from this band, and fucking killer artwork to boot. Get this!  7” LIMITED TO 300 HAND NUMBERED COPIES!!

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