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THE SLITS- Live At The Gibus Club LP ~REISSUES! - Earmark - Dead Beat Records

THE SLITS- Live At The Gibus Club LP ~REISSUES!

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THE SLITS- Live At The Gibus Club LP.  Historically, this tape of a January 26, 1978 show in Paris has considerable value. It's the original lineup of the Slits -- Ari Up on vocals, Viv Albertine on guitar, Tessa Pollitt on bass, and Palmolive (who would leave before the Slits' first album, and later join the Raincoats) and captures the band well in advance of the release of the group's first LP in 1979. The sound quality is fairly decent for an early live punk recording, and the four thrash around with as much venomous energy as almost anyone from the first wave of British punk acts. The music's is tumbling, biting proto-hardcore Slits, with Up's vocals so howled that the words are difficult to make out (a trait shared by many early punk recordings). There are early versions of a few songs that would make it onto their debut album ("Instant Hit," "So Tough," "New Town," "Shoplifting," "Love and Romance"), along with a more unexpected cover of the Velvet Underground's "Femme Fatale." A must for the Slits fan.

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