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Sinks- No Money 7" - Ken Rock - Dead Beat Records

Sinks- No Money 7"

$ 6.49

Sinks- No Money 7".  It's not too often these days that the words "lo-fi," "garage-punk," and "kick ass" come together in the “perfect harmony” that Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder nauseatingly sang about in their 1982 number one hit.  But I'm happy to say that on this record they do.  These tunes go down as smoothly as a swig from a rum bottle mixed in-mouth with a sip of Coke. What sets the Sinks apart from the pack are great songs and the fact that they rule. That later point is key. Whenever I listen to this record, I'm taken with just how much these songs rock.  Great single here and LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!!

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