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Sin Vida/Life Without- Split LP ~350 PRESSED! - Bugged Brain - Dead Beat Records

Sin Vida/Life Without- Split LP ~350 PRESSED!

$ 11.49

Sin Vida/Life Without- Split LP. Split release from two Bay Area hardcore punk bands—Life Without broke up and 2/3 of them became half of Sin Vida. Sin Vida are a female-fronted punk back, with bewilderingly fast songs, not quite as abrasive as fellow Bay Area lady-punx Voetsek. Kinda like the Avengers after drinking too much coffee laced with speed and getting a drummer that only listens to Discharge LPs on 45. Life Without conspicuously reeks of a much higher testosterone level. Clearly these guys listened to a lot of DRI and Cryptic Slaughter back in high school, and probably don’t consider Slayer to be punk enough. If those bands mean anything to ya, this ones pretty much essential. Some pretty good songs on the one and the LP jackets and hand screened. Released by the Sin Vida crew and the LP IS LIMITED TO 350 COPIES WORLD WIDE!!

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