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Sick Thoughts- Need No One 7” ~KILLER! - Can't Stand Ya - Dead Beat Records

Sick Thoughts- Need No One 7” ~KILLER!

$ 5.99

Sick Thoughts- Need No One 7”.  Neurotic, energetic, snot Punk from Baltimore. Right from the needle drop it's made especially clear here how whole-heartedly and violently these guys hurl themselves into into their music. Need No One is a real burner that has a hot, fantastically gritty quality to it. It's a rough and rude sprint through Midwest Punk infected Garage Rock. It's insanely sloppy and dissonant, with Drew’s screaming barely audible over cymbal crashes and sludgy guitars. Fans of the Reatards, Oblivians and Teengenerate, keep an eye on this band. This single is tops.


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