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Shoppers - Silver Year LP ~EX WHITE GUILT! - Feeble Minds - Dead Beat Records

Shoppers - Silver Year LP ~EX WHITE GUILT!

$ 11.49

Shoppers - Silver Year LP. This already might be the best thing ive heard this year.......Shoppers are a trio from syracuse, NY and play huge, short blasts of melodic noise that owe a whole lot musically to bands like Fuel, shotmaker, Navio Forge and Phleg Camp. The band contains Josh from White Guilt on the drums and it gets quite chaotic at times that brings to mind early Sonic Youth with a more modern arty hardcore edge. Some songs were re-recorded off both tapes on this as well as a few new songs so you get treated with a little old and some new. LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES WORLD WIDE!!

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