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Sharp Objects- Another Victim 7” ~EX BRIEFS/BODIES - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

Sharp Objects- Another Victim 7” ~EX BRIEFS/BODIES

$ 6.49

Sharp Objects- Another Victim 7”.  Ex members of the Briefs/Bodies.  Sharp Objects are back with a bang! Many thought there was no way they could follow up their nut splitting debut...well, as usual, the masses are wrong.  Last time we left off, you had a pile of steaming spaghetti splattered on your hardwood floor because that debut was so fuckin killer.   Well these 2 new songs will take what was left of your sac and blast your flaps and veins through your roommates ears.  Sophomore slump?  Hell no.  We said it for Zero Ambition and now we realized we may have lied, THIS is the 7” of the year. LIMITED TO 300 COPIES AND AMAZING!!!?

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