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Shark Toys/Plasma Centre- Split CS ~LTD 100 COPIES! - Scotch Tapes - Dead Beat Records

Shark Toys/Plasma Centre- Split CS ~LTD 100 COPIES!

$ 10.99

Shark Toys/ Plasma Centre- Split CS.  Shark Toys are great.  This is what fun sounds like!!  Produced by Greg Ashley at The Creamery, there's a rambunctious, ramshackle exuberance in the Toys' brand of pop - it's deceptively simple and comes smeared with bubbling psych undertones and hints of '80s UK synth-wave.   "Flippin Toads" may very well be the best of the bunch; a certifiable slacker anthem built upon an insistant strum and eerie keyboard patterns.   The flip side of this split CS features Plasma Centre.  Plasma Centre must have listened to a ton of Talking Heads records growing up... and that is certainly not a bad thing.  I think they may have had the same record collection as me growing up because I hear Talking Heads in their music as well... but I think somewhere along the way they caught whiff of The Pixies too.  I see big things from both of these bands in 2011.  They are touring the West coast of the US this winter.  Go see them!!!  LIMITED TO 100 COPIES WORLD WIDE.  THIS WON’T BE REPRESSED!!!

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