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Shark Pants - Automatic Pinner 7" LTD TO 500! - Dirt Cult - Dead Beat Records

Shark Pants - Automatic Pinner 7" LTD TO 500!

$ 5.99

Shark Pants - Automatic Pinner 7". Like being spun to a tizzy in a Saharan dust storm, or trampled to a pulp by a rabid herd of bison, these songs do not have your well-being in mind. This is what I love about punk rock from Tucson: the noisy insanity of The Blacks, the trashy humor of the Weird Lovemakers, sneaky melodies like the Knockout Pills. Beyond all of this, Shark Pants seem to simultaneously explode and keep shit tight as hell.  If I were to have to prove to god himself that rock was more powerful than religion, I would recruit Shark Pants to do the bidding. When this co-ed trio plays live they treat their listeners like a punching bag and their the title holding champions of punk infused rock that's so good it makes you just wanna quit attempting what ever it is you're attempting to do.  This single matches their live intensity perfectly.  7” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!!

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