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THE SHANKS - 'Cut Me' 7" - Boom Chick - Dead Beat Records

THE SHANKS - 'Cut Me' 7"

$ 5.99

THE SHANKS - 'Cut Me' 7".  This is the newest regional band to come out of the Licoln, NE area.  The Shanks feature none other than Jeff from Brimstone Howl.  This is their debut single, and is a lot more punk than the Howl.  Side A checks in with 2 tracks that reminds me of the Feelers on ‘ludes.  Weirdo angular tempo changes, but not played at break neck speed.  The git playing is loose, sloppy and fun.  The B side checks in with 2 of the more straight forward punk tunes ala Reatards, Germs, early Functional Blackouts.  Nice n sloppy lo brow cover sleeve and pressed on limited edition PUKE WAX.  Get it, you'll see what I'm talking about.....icky!! 

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